Monday, July 22, 2013

Madcap Dining Room

I know I've blogged about this room eleventy billion times (like here and here), but it's just that good. And I just love the duo of Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke. Such irreverent talent and joie de vivre.

A tweet from Marisa alerted me to the fact that New York Social Diary did a feature on Jason and John's house....with some new pics of my dining room:

Photographs by Jeff Hirsch

It's still over-the-top and delicious. And I love how it flows into the living room. I'll never tire of seeing this room from all angles.

Check out the whole house, with LOTS of pictures, here...


  1. The floors are brilliant/ I'm a huge fan of theyre layered and vibrant style!

  2. I simply love Jason and John. Such great friends! Their personalities are as colorful as their home! J'adore!

  3. Anonymous7/25/2013

    I've been in love with that dining room since I first saw it in Cottage Living. I have to say that I like the green and white wallpaper that was shown in the shelter magazine, more than the current floral. Thank you for posting the link to further pictures and the interview from New York Social Diary. Love these two! What a fun couple.


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