Thursday, July 18, 2013

Enter the Dragons

What a name for a fabric! Enter the Dragons...a jaw-dropping stunner of a Chinoiserie textile from Jim Thompson Fabrics.

HE-llo! This pattern has a huge repeat which kicks up the drama to pretty high levels. And the colors! Jade, mandarin, poppy all against dark grounds of cocoa...yes, yes and yes.

This fabric is part of the Dynasty Collection from No. 9 Thompson, a division of the parent company. Some other gems from the same collection:

Chinese Steps

Flaming Stripe

And Enter the Dragons paired up with Chinese gorgeous:

Pretty stunning, right? Though I love a good dragon I actually think Chinese Steps might be my favorite one in this collection. See more images from the Dynasty Collection here »


  1. Wow! Love the fabrics used together in the last photo!!

  2. Jim Thompson has always been one of my faves. Love love his stuff!

  3. Such great colors!

  4. Love the dragon fabric ! Great colors.

  5. Im obsessed with that fabric.
    xo Nancy

  6. Love the scale of the dragon fabric...gorgeous!

  7. I've got a client who used the dragon fabric on pillows in her family room. It is a great fabric!

  8. Come to my ESTY shop. I have cushion covers in enter the dragon!

    My shop is called Aurelia6311



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