Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Awesome Austin Kitchen

You know I don't post a whole lot about kitchens. Their usual lack of textiles and overabundance of hard surfaces don't make for a lot of commentary on my end, but sometimes I see a kitchen and I really like it. And want to talk about it.

Like this one in Austin, TX:

Now, in reality, I think that kitchen island is more of a teal blue than a jade green. But in this photo, it's looking real jade-like. And jade green + french blue + brass accents is killer. KILLER. And the marble against these colors is spectacular. 

Let's open it up and see another view:

Yes. Y-E-S. Modern kitchens do not stir my soul but this kitchen has a crispness with its sharp lines that puts it into modern territory, but it's SO WARM. That floor!!! And the bench on the end of the table is really smart to not block paths or views.

I think this kitchen embodies a family space...it's youthful and warm and well-designed. Love it.


  1. Wow, I love how they weren't afraid to be bold and use some color/pattern!

  2. Yes please! I love the color here, so different and fresh for a kitchen!

  3. I am loving the color combination and the brass drawer pulls too! I also love the eat-in table attached to the island, it makes great use of a long space.


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