Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gingham Tile

Did you catch this feature on gingham in Garden & Gun? It's great and it introduced me to gingham tile.



What a ridiculously good-looking idea. And the possibilities! A kitchen backsplash. Bathroom walls. A ceiling! This stunning tile is from Virginia tile designer and manufacturer New Ravenna might remember them from these banana walls.

My favorites are actually the ones in the G&G feature:

But the pièce de résistance is this green number:

I would use it on the walls in a bathroom with a slick black vanity with brass accents EVERYWHERE.

Check out the entire Plaids (yes, there are plaids) and Ginghams collection from New Ravenna Mosaics here...


  1. This is absolutely amazing! Smitten with the blues.

  2. Glad you like girlie! Had so much fun putting that story together!

    1. Such a find, Haskell! Awesome work :)

  3. Love the green! I have a black/gray/white gingham tile on the floor of my 1950's bathroom and love it!

  4. FYI Hakatai Tile has a custom Mosaic tile program. You select the colors from their large selection and they create a repeating mosaic. It's a fraction of the New Ravenna tile cost. They made one for me that looks like this GP&J Baker fabric in a gray and white iridescent

  5. This tile is amazing! I really had to look a few times to believe that it was tile. A definite trompe l'oeil! Thanks for sharing!


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