Monday, May 6, 2013

Embracing an Awkward Space

Due to my obsession with Phoebe Howard, I'm always popping in to the Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper blog, which often showcases before and afters of work being done by Phoebe and her associates. A recent post about a nursery caught my eye.

The before (a small office space):

See that window situation? Makes furniture arranging a bit tricky...especially for a crib AND a twin bed. But professionals are real good at figuring this stuff out, like Vaughn Connerty from the Mrs. Howard Atlanta store who gave the client this sweet, beautiful solution:

See how Vaughn just made it work? Windows? Who cares? Vaughn placed the bed in a slightly asymmetrical fashion and loaded up the corner with framed watercolors. It's not perfectly perfect but it totally works. I love everything about this space and its soft sweetness. Note to self: get some pleated lampshades.

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