Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Crush

Loved this pin from Matters of Style.  It's a bedroom from the 2013 Southern Living Showcase House in Texas, designed by Heather Scott Home & Design. Pretty sure that's a Quadrille toile on the windows that sets the color scheme for the room. Love the white and light foundation that is peppered with restrained color throughout. And the organic shape of the light fixture works so well against the refined furnishings. Just a little breath of fresh spring air with this one.

Have a fantastic weekend...see you next week!


  1. LOVE that room! Everything works so well together, I want to move in!

  2. You have the BEST taste! That's all...carry on....

  3. I love that room. I really need to learn how to be restrained in my use of color. I usually think more is more!

  4. Love it! The off center bed bugs me a little but I love everything else!


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