Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alberto Pinto: Table Settings

One of my favorite blog posts I've written was this one about Alberto Pinto's china. I literally adore each pattern this man puts his stamp of approval on.

A refresher:

So, naturally, this new book - Alberto Pinto: Table Settings - featuring his tablescapes is soaring to the top of my Christmas list:

I feel like there are so many great new books out there - I'm having a hard time keeping track of all the ones I want. Which books are on your Christmas list this year?


  1. Oh, this looks amazing. I have so many books on my list... The one I really covet, though, is Mary McDonald's.

  2. Sigh, another book for me to add to my Christmas list to! I want Mary McDonald's, Flair, and Mad Style.

  3. I saw this book at a bookstore in chicago and wish I had bought it! Lugging it home through the airport didn't seem too appealing at the time. So many great books out this fall; it's really exciting! I just got a copy of Mary McDonald's book and it's pretty good!


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