Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Favorite

I never tire of studying this space by Phoebe Howard.

It is one of the rooms in her shop, Mrs. Howard (or at least it used to be, I'm sure they've made some changes to it). But for such a grand space, it's so beautiful and easy to absorb. Phoebe is SO good at working one color family while making a room feel layered and textured.

I prefer small spaces, maybe because I think they are easier to design, but this is my ideal use of a large space. Filled with beautiful pieces and objects that work together and make you feel at home. And, of course, with touches of Chinoiserie throughout.


  1. I always love her rooms - the epitome of classic and elegant...

  2. Thanks for sharing - this room is gorgeous! I especially love the cut-out ginger jars.

  3. Love the clean lines and proportions here. I LOVE the all the rooms! All your Post are stunning! I mean it..Everything is sooo perfect!They are soothing to my eye.thanks for inspiring Blog!

  4. I love this paint color! Any way of finding out what it is?

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