Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Traditional Orange Zebra

Zebra wall

So orange+zebra interiors typically don't qualify as traditional, but this rooms oozes classic design to me. The elements are all timeless and elegant, but the orange pillows and zebra walls offer the perfect juxtaposition to keep this room modern.

Take away the zebra, paint the walls a light aqua, and the room remains incredibly beautiful. I would sell my soul for that tortoise coffee table.

Man, I love design.


  1. I'm afraid I could never be brave enough to use the zebra wallpaper...but I love it!!

  2. Beautiful space - I adore the tortoise coffee table too...some one needs to make a knock off!

  3. Love it! I want a zebra cowhide for my dining room so bad right now, but I just don't feel comfortable buying a cowhide new. Maybe I'll find one on CL...I can only hope :).


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