Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Crush

Photo by Beatriz da Costa, Design by Ashley Whittaker, via House Beautiful's Insta

Before we fully plunge into Fall, let's take a step back to spring...mostly to look at that clever use of chandelier shades on a lantern. This room is lovely but I'm posting it here so we can learn this important lighting lesson. Who loves a lantern light? 🙋 But sometimes the exposed bulbs kind of turn me off, pun intended. But adding chandy shades is just plain smart. Totally warms up the fixture without ruining the look. Do people do this all the time and I just missed it? We are all now in on this secret.

Also, green grasscloth walls. On my mind. But I'm contemplating olive green. 

Happy weekend! We made it! Hope it's a great one...see you next week!

1 comment:

  1. The design of this room is delightful! The interplay between spring green and lemon yellow, with in-sync deployment of the wallpaper'stexture, the botanical prints and chair coverings, and the green glasses and plateware, is masterfully done and oh, so inviting. Decorating with greens is challenging: if the hue is just slightly off, it can connote things you don't want, like toothpaste, fungus, hospitals, etc. But getting it right is fabulous -- and you will!


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