Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Crush

How fun is this?? One of my readers, Merlyn, took my coral bedroom from yesterday's post and brought it to life!!  This tickled me in so many ways. I'm always hoping that the little nuggets I give you here and there can inspire bigger things, so I LOVE seeing how Merlyn took it all the way. Those lamps are killer! Thank you, Merlyn!

Hope you have something fun on tap this weekend. This week was nuts, so I'm happy for some downtime. See you next week!



  1. Now that's just fabulous!

  2. Anonymous9/09/2016

  3. Can you please share which program or app was used to create that great bedroom inspiration board? Thank you!

  4. Definitely fun to see my rendering on one of my favorite blogs! Thanks, Daniela, for making it your Friday Crush! I used Studio, a graphic design program from Minutes Matter. The wall, draperies, bedding, chair and some accessories are computer-drawn, and the lamps, rug and headboard are imported images from the Internet.

    1. Thank you Merlyn! Loved your rendering! In that program can anyone have access to the computer drawn images to mix with imported images? My assistant actually downloaded a free version this week for us to try. Hope it works well for us and we will buy a subscription. I didn't realize your rendering was the same Minutes Matter she saw - very cool. Looking forward to playing with it!!! Courtney

    2. Yes, the cloud version allows access to all the images.


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