Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Crush

Photo by Emily Gilbert for Luxe, who knows the designer?...

I will never ever tire of the combination of green, black, and white. I especially love a good aloe this lacquered ceiling (Benjamin Moore's Parsley Snips, FYI). 

Sidenote: I think a ceiling is a great place to take a risk. Maybe you don't want to deck your walls out in a wild wallpaper...but you want some zing. Paint your ceiling something fun. Like this. 

I am also digging the oversized, scalloped lanterns...hung in a "too many" fashion. If this was your home, and the designer said "Oh, I think we should hang three large lanterns in this teensy hallway!" would probably question them. Because three big lanterns in a small hallway doesn't make sense. But don't listen to yourself. Listen to your designer. Because designers know these things. 

I'm also into the black doors. Ok, I'm done.

Happy weekend! See you next week!


  1. Loved your blog post - it made me laugh!
    (I was crushing on the dog and the doors! - a dog in a photo will get me every time!)

  2. I love the look, but the lanterns (though gorgeous) might not work in a house with a tall husband. Mine is 6'4"!


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