Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Crush

I have been on a kick recently with the work of Suellen Gregory and colleagues out of Richmond, VA - my hometown. I LOVE her use of color and pattern (you may have seen her fab work in the latest House Beautiful) and this image feels like the perfect embodiment of late summer style. Still crisp and bright, but the warmer tones are inviting fall. I'm crazy for those skirted chairs and Mac would lose his mind over that puppy. And a striped painted floor always wins in my book.

FALL. Halle. Lujah. But it's still not quite here...I have to trudge through several more weeks of heat before I get to fully pull out my leggings and boots. We have one more beach hurrah and then life starts back up, with every minute scheduled. Good in a way. Horrible in a way. But boots. And leggings.

Enjoy your Labor Day. See you next week!

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