Thursday, April 21, 2016

Herend Forains d'Orient

Let me be clear that I have fallen in love with many a china pattern in my lifetime. Many.

But this week, I found my soulmate.

Herend's Forains d'Orient:

The Chinoiserie motif is obviously on point....but the gold borders, scalloped edge (!), polka-dot background and saturated hues are what make this pattern above and beyond anything I've seen.

Like so many things I love, these items are luxe. So instead of setting my table with various sets, I'll need to pump the brakes and narrow in on one statement piece that I can own.

[insert heart-eyes emoji]


  1. Oh - you are SOOOOO right! I love this Chinoiserie china pattern! The cake plate (or whatever it is) with the gold handles would be the one to own! Cha-ching!! Love the post!

  2. OMG!!! I AM HEAD OVER HEELS!!! This is so wonderful I almost cannot bear it! Thank you for sharing.....I think.....

  3. You are right on point. This is exquisite and wonderful stuff. Now it's on the top of my wish list as well. Not what I needed -- but thank you for making this gorgeousness known to us! Love it.

  4. wow i love that so much i can't stand it. and it has a blue heron on it, i think, which is my symbol for my late son. dayum. absolutely stunning. oh that we could buy the set, girl!


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