Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Crush

Elizabeth Lawson Design

I think I will always, always love a black and white kitchen. And this black-on-the-bottom-white-on-top way of doing it is very modern yet oh-so classic. The brass is totally perfect. Open shelving and I would probably never get along, but it's beautifully styled in this scenario. And the rug + hardwood floor combo is on my short list. 

Spring is here and the sunshine has been a welcome change...I'm trying to embrace my open-toed shoes (but it's a struggle putting away the boots). Hope you have a great weekend - see you next week!


  1. Anonymous4/22/2016

    That is about the chic-est kitchen I have ever seen

  2. Hello Daniela,

    Elizabeth Rawson Design

    An easy way to source a photo, which is what I did here, is to open up google images and drag the photo into the space bar of google images. With a little detective work, you can usually find a source to give some credit to designer and/or photographer. Also, many times it leads to more photos and project information, as it did for this beautiful kitchen. Love your Friday crushes!

    1. Thank you!! I totally forgot about that trick!


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