Thursday, October 1, 2015

Light Blue, FTW

Design by Lynn Morgan, photo by Keith Scott Morton for Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

Light blue is doing all of the work here...successfully. That lantern hanging from brass is pure perfection paired with the same baby blue on the door...and it looks as if the ceiling might be painted blue as well? Gorgeous. And the pastel story is picked up with the soft lavender bench.

I love seeing simple elements come together to make an impact with color. If that door was brown wood, the lantern was black, and the bench was beige, this would be a pretty entrance but I wouldn't be blogging about it. Color makes it special. Remember that...if you just have a couple of simple things to work with, think about how color can be the focal point (it's usually a high bang-for-your-buck fix).

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  1. How gorgeous! Daniella I really want that lantern; it is so fabulous!!

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