Thursday, October 8, 2015

AO House Tour: Office Guest Room

When I did my house tour here on the blog last year, I left out two spaces that weren't quite picture-ready.

One of those was our second guest bedroom that doubles as my home office (when it's not overflowing with boxes and otherwise household clutter). This room had ZERO identity for years after we moved in. And I never got it quite right.

But it's about to turn into Mac's nursery and I think this space will finally be happy. But before we give it its eleventeenth makeover, I wanted to share the photos of its final, somewhat complete state.

All photos by Crystal Downs

I definitely like where it ended up - for sure - but I don't LOOOOOVE it. And that's ok.

The room does hold some great pieces - those amazing lamps, Mama Jo's four-poster bed, a great burlwoodish side table and those BANANAS mirror I scored on Etsy many years ago. Some of these elements are going to stick around for Mac's nursery.

That painted china cabinet was a piece Carter and I bought when we got was our first grown-up piece we bought together. I moved it into this room for fabric storage and painted it a glossy jade green with citrine inside...sadly, there is no room for it in our house anymore, so I will be selling it! If you are local to the DC area, shoot me an email or comment if you're interested. It's pretty old so drawers stick so I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use...but if you want a fun piece for storage that you aren't accessing all the time, it would work. Selling for $50.

This room has pretty much been the bane of my existence (read: five paint jobs) - I'm thrilled that I'm going to finally win the battle as I think Mac's room is going to turn out least I hope so!


  1. Daniela, I know what you mean in that some rooms are like that; however this nursery is going to be perfection, those mirrors are amazing!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Lee Bowers

  2. Are you sure you do not want to keep that cabinet? I would love it for $50.00 but would have to grab it from Charlottesville. Let me know.

    1. Kelly, shoot me an email - link is top-right of this page, under my photo. Thanks!

  3. I love the palette in the room. Those lamps and the oriental rug. What is the name of the wall color?

    1. Natasha, I can't remember the paint color - it's by Sherwin Williams. I will try to find it and let you know.


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