Thursday, May 28, 2015

Snapshots from the Beach

Sun, sand, and pimiento cheese can do wonders for the soul. We are back from a short but lovely trip to the beach in South Carolina and we are ready to go back! Here are some snapshots from our weekend (see how big Mac has gotten??):

Our trailer park is situated on a canal and at dusk, the egrets swoop in and settle into the trees for the night. It's quite the sight and a great excuse to get out for a post-dinner walk. This evening, AC was already in pajamas but that didn't stop us:

"Look, Tibi! A BIRD!!!" Tibi is Carter's mom. In the real world she is known as Janet. She makes the World's Best Pimiento Cheese TM.

We are relaxed and ready to get our summer's to counting down the 8ish weeks until we're back at the beach for a whole week.


  1. Those kids are so darn cute! Great memories...

  2. Beautiful pictures. Your children are adorable. Love your blog!


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