Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Krista Ewart's Home


It's been a while since I've seen a full mag feature where every space has killed it for me. Now, that might be because my magazine reading kind of came to a (temporary?) halt in December of 2012 but I do remember back when I read magazines cover to cover, it was rare for me to love an entire home.

But I just saw this feature (online) of designer Krista Ewart's California home for House Beautiful. And I love it alllllllllllll....

Photography by Douglas Friedman for House Beautiful

The last two little girl bedrooms might be my absolute favorite. And then there is that living room and the Chinoiserie mirror moment. IT'S ALL SO GOOD.

Why has Krista Ewart not been on my radar before this moment? Did we all know about her and no one told me? I think what I love about this house is I see my own style reflected back at me - except done extraordinarily well...and it's what I want my house to be...but isn't quite because I don't have this kind of talent.

But it's an excellent home to file away and come back to over and over again for inspiration. I'll be pinning every single picture. Full home tour (with a couple more pictures) here...


  1. GirLfriend..... It also helps that she has Coleen & Co fixtures that run between $1000-4000 each... bUT it is very very awesome!!!!!

  2. Every single room is beautiful!! I love her use of color Daniela!

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    Bunnies by Hunt Slonem!


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