Thursday, May 14, 2015

Castletown Line Coral On Sale

This fabric - Castletown Line Coral by Lee Jofa - has been in my favorites bin for some time. I just checked up on it and it's on sale, so time to share the goodness:

An exuberant floral in tones of green and peach...the colors are really what nab me here. With bold florals, I like to go big or go home. Hit up some curtains or a full upholstered sofa with it. Let it be the focus of a room and then sit back and admire your gumption for picking something so chic.

On (where I found it) - it's usually $75/yard, which is what I like to call a "pillows only" price. But it's now on sale for $24/yard! That moves it into "kinda expensive upholstery and curtains but maybe I could swing it" pricing. Though, the minimum is 5 yards. But since you're going to do something ballsy with it, you'll need that much anyway.

Go forth and save.

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