Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Barn Door

Now that the Shuffler children are going from 1 to 2 players, our thoughts have turned toward a further basement renovation. You'll recall that we already renovated half of our basement into our family den. It was perfect for mini Ana Claire.

But now AC is a rambunctious (almost) two-year old that needs space for some big girl toys and the soft play area we have now in the den will be claimed by baby brother for rolling around, chewing and spitting up.

The space we have deemed worthy for this upgrade is across the hall from the den and we'd like to give it a nice wide opening so the two rooms flow a bit better. But this means that a normal door likely won't cut it and I want to reserve the option of shielding the mess room from visitors on occasion.

Enter the barn door. Like this one I saw on Etsy:

That's a fun color. I don't embrace barn doors so lovingly as to have one in my bedroom but I understand their appeal - and cool that this one leads into a pretty bathroom. For my taste, this new play space seems like a good fit for one...especially since the sizing can be flexible.

The photo above is from this Etsy listing which is for the hardware only, but the shop seems to have some cool doors and hardware to choose from...I definitely bookmarked it for the future.

I'm thinking our door might also be a good place for Ana Claire's masterpieces that she's creating on an almost daily the moment they are a cluttered stack pinned to our fridge but a big door like this one might be a fun display opportunity. All TBD...

What are your thoughts on barn doors? Awesome inside? Best left on barns?


  1. Sounds like your family room/playroom area would be a perfect spot!

  2. I just love that barn door color. It's a very sweet color and I'm decided to do the same color to my barn door. Fun door color indeed.


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