Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Crush

Crazy week = 2 blog posts. This week has been a doozy.

I am beyond thrilled that it's over AND that the weekend is beginning as Big C and I are taking a little time away for the next couple of days to soak up some quality time before we become a family of four (in about 7 weeks).

First stop is Charlottesville and our alma mater, the University of Virginia, to spend some time with old friends at a reunion. There will be a stop at Caspari HQ, obvi. More to come on that...

And the next stop...y'all, the NEXT for it....THE GREENBRIER.


My brain and soul have yet to take this in.

I've been yammering about the Greenbrier for years and although it will only be a 1-night engagement, it's all I need. Just to gaze upon its finery will be enough to delight and inspire me for the foreseeable future.

Per Pinterest, the photo above is from the Greenbrier. My plan is to hunt down this staircase during our visit to confirm.

Enjoy your weekend...see you next week, when I hope to be back a little refreshed and definitely inspired!


  1. Hope you share pics of the Greenbriar with us :-) Christmas already? NOOOO!!!

  2. Daniela have a wonderful getaway...a bit envious of you staying at The Greenbrier!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Peggy Crockett11/07/2014

    Have a fabulous time... just love your blog and will be interested in what you think of Carlton Varney's work at The Greenbrier!

  4. Anonymous11/07/2014

    As a gal, who is a modern Belle at heart, you will not soon forget the Greenbrier. As one goes in the ballroom with the long windows, I always think of the Senior Kennedys and the Duke and Duchess (Windsor of course) who whirled around those floors. Grace Kelly's beautiful portrait too. I got one of the little signs they put out in the night time corridors which read, "shh- Its Sleepytime down South". Liz Taylor was there one time during her Warner days swishing down the Boutique Halls in her muu-muus. Get the chicken salad in the ice cream shop which is aubergene/white woodwork......Have great time, Wish it were me.

  5. If you haven't already read Carlton Varney's book about Dorothy Draper decorating the Greenbrier it will be even more interesting after your visit!


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