Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Raleigh Charmer

Love the color effect going on in this charming Raleigh home! Anyone who paints a rainbow wall is pretty ballsy and I think the risk paid off. How could you not be instantly happy walking in to this place?

All photos by Max Kim-Bee via HGTV Magazine

Homeowner Avery Roberts (a stationery designer) was smart to use big neutral pieces here but that sweet little lime chair is doing a great job of giving you some foreground to relate to that background.

What actually caught my eye initially was this bathroom I saw on Pinterest. I couldn't stop staring at the wallpaper, though I had a strong desire to lacquer the vanity hot pink: 

Take a look at the rest of the home's colorful style. Just delightful:

Bamboo for days. Juicy color. Classic pieces. Antique, vintage, modern all mixing to create a home with a bubbly personality.

See a couple more pictures - including an adorable exterior - on HGTV's website.


  1. Wish you had a Pin button......love all of it!

  2. In love with it all. What a happy looking home!


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