Thursday, May 15, 2014

Margaret Kirkland

I love what Margaret Kirkland is doing in Atlanta. Her interiors are just classic, elegant perfection and I can't get enough of this home that is featured in the current (May 2014) issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles:

 Photos by Mali Azima

Delicious, right? That nursery!!!!! The colors are a dream. And I love how the home two rooms are using the exact same color palette but they all employ cool tones that relate and that work great with the home's architecture.

The blue door in the kitchen has to be my favorite. I feel like it completely ties the kitchen to the rest of the home's style. A small detail that has a big impact.

Love, love, love. Check out more of Margaret's work here.

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  1. Daniela I adore the nursery;however all of her rooms are sumptuous!

    The Windows of Buck House!


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