Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Catalog Pick: Lydia Stools

I love a kitchen island with room for bar (or counter) stools. Such a practical way to feed the kids or sip wine with your spouse or friends while you're cooking dinner. Plus they are a great way to add furniture to a kitchen.

I say all this as an owner of a galley kitchen with NO room for stools. Sad face. But if I did have room, I think I might go for something like this Lydia stool from Ballard Designs. LOVE the classic Windsor shape and though I'm usually not a "weathered wood" kind of gal, the finish on these is really catching my eye:

I would love to see a set of these in a classic black and white kitchen with antique brass pendant lights. Hopefully Ballard still has these around if I ever upgrade to a big girl kitchen.

The Lydia silhouette comes in counter and bar stools, dining chairs, a bench and more...check it out here.

1 comment:

  1. These are fantastic! What a great find Daniela! They remind me of the mid-century Paul McCobb Windsor chairs with a traditional twist...


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