Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Christmas Cottage

I'll be frank that I chose our house color largely based on how it would look at Christmas. It's no coincidence that our home is green with a red door...and when we got our first snow this weekend, my heart was full.

The snow dusting made the house look so sweet and all the pops of red against the white looked great. I still need to zhush our flower boxes with some holly berries (we have a huge bush in the backyard) and lights so you can see them better at night.

Speaking of is the nocturnal view without snow:

LOVE how the lights look in our skip laurel bushes! See what I mean about the flower boxes? They need some twinkle. And yes, that's a slightly different house flag. I have a lot of house flags.

Have I mentioned I love this season???


  1. Loads of curb appeal! good job.

  2. Love it all!!...especially the red bench and the lights.

  3. Love it! Great job inside and you live in Richmond VA? Looks like RVA (I live in Ashland VA).

    1. I don't, but Richmond is my hometown :) So it must have rubbed off on me...I take your comment as a compliment!


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