Monday, December 30, 2013

New Bamboo Plates

For a while now, I have wanted to replace our everyday dishes. When we were first married, Carter and I scooted to IKEA and bought a set of a dozen white dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and mugs for about $3. Total.

And they have worked great to tell you the truth. They fit perfectly in our glass front kitchen cabinets and have worn well. My biggest gripe is that the dinner plates are teeny. And our cereal bowls no longer match after breaking several throughout the years.

So when putting my Christmas wishlist together, this was my main request. To replace our dishes with THIS:

Hello bamboo trim! These plates are the Catherine collection from Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler for JCPenney. Gorgeous, right? So simple but right up my alley with the subtle Chinoiserie nod. And being that they were from JCPenney, they were reasonably priced so I could maybe get more than one dinner plate for Christmas.

Although I listed the complete set I eventually would like to gather, I made it clear to Santa Carter that maybe just the dinner plates would be great.

But, y'all, he got errrrrything. I have the whole set that I wanted! It was a great surprise.

So task #1 in the New Year is to unpack all of my new lovely dishes and start fresh with our everyday plates in the kitchen.

Any favorite items you got for Christmas this year?


  1. Those are gorgeous and will go with everything!

  2. Love those! I got new dishes last year and it feels so good to use them everyday!!

  3. Alexandra12/30/2013

    A quite perfect choice! And similar to the cream-colored Mikasa French Countryside set I have my own eye on -- also from JCP. My Longchamps Tulipe wedding is -- well, I won't tell you how old, but old! -- and finally looking like the last of pea time (as my Southern mother used to say). How refreshing it will be to press gleaming new dinnerware into service! Enjoy~


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