Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ellis Plaid

This time of year, I go plaid crazy. I have bought two plaid shirts and really had to hold back from getting two more. I just love the fabric and how it's classic and preppy and warm and usually a bit masculine.

I recently came across this fabric from Laura Ashley - Ellis Plaid - and it shot up to #1 on my fabric want list:

HELLO beautiful! Do you love this color combo like I do? The maroon with the orchid and that peek of's so, so lovely. If you had the guts to use this on upholstery - like a sofa - your risk would pay off. OR, what about upholstering the seats of some black dining chairs? Or perhaps curtains in a wood-paneled, with some yellow ruffle trim. Guys, this is good stuff. Do you like it?

1 comment:

  1. Alexandra12/20/2013

    Yes! Distinctive and pretty. (I indulge my love of plaid in flannel shirts -- oh, so cozy in cold weather. It's unfair that men get more selection!)


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