Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NEAT Method Closet Makeover

Picking out my clothes everyday is now like shopping in a store where the employees walk around at the end of the day and refold and reorganize everything for the next morning's shoppers. That is a great feeling.

Raelynn and Catherine totally rethought my small space and used every inch to maximize not only storage but function. I can see my clothes and accessories again!

I asked the ladies of NEAT Method DC to give us a couple of tips to rethink our own messy closets and get them in tip-top shape. I think this time of year is a great purging opportunity as you start to really bring out the winter wear.

Step 1) Take inventory of your space.
This is your chance to assess what you have and purge the items that you no longer love and don't need.

They let Ana Claire help with the jewelry sorting.

Step 2) Sort like with like.
This involves grouping your wardrobe and accessories into categories and assessing the volume of each category to determine appropriate placement of the items. 

Step 3) Color-code.
We always hang clothing by item and color. We hang and fold from white to black, and itemize the colors with ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet... pink goes before red, brown and grey go before black).  Not only is this visually pleasing, but it will give you a better idea of what colors you need to start and stop purchasing.

Step 4) Product implementation is key.
Be sure to measure all of your drawers and shelving to make your trip to The Container Store more effective.  Always use the same hangers in a neutral color and hide odds and ends with chic bins.  Label anything and everything.

Step 5) Maintain
The simple adage we learned as kids, "put it back where you got it from" is essential to maintaining an organized space.  Also, be mindful of the items you use most frequently, and display them in a proper home that's at eye level or within reach.  This will ensure you're not digging around and making a mess while hunting for your favorite clutch. 

REALLY great, right????  It makes SUCH a difference to have an organized closet. Seriously. Has cut down on my morning stress AND I feel like I'm rediscovering items I totally forgot I had which is nipping the unneccessary shopping in the bud (for now).

I also realized that making a small investment in some bins/organizers/boxes really pays off. It has helped calm some of the madness with the bonus of helping me take better care of some of my stuff.

And let's talk about the color coordination...such a small little trick but it has helped me SO much in planning what to where with what. I used to sort (if you would call my previous closet sorted) by shirts, skirts, pants, etc....no, no, no. Totally wrong way to do it. Sort by color, y'all. It's the bees knees.

A huge thank you to Raelynn and Catherine of NEAT Method. They swooped in one morning while I was at work and by the time I was home, this was all done. They were like little closet-organizing fairy elves...really nice, pretty ones. Thanks ladies!!!


  1. You have some fab accessories! And a great closet.

  2. Sort by color. Hmmm. I would find that very very hard to do. My "long" things i.e. dresses, long tunics etc hang in one separate rod section of my closet. Then I have the high up bar (with shelf and drawers underneath) for pants and shirts. I actually tried to sort by hanger color! That was a disaster and lasted about a week! Well, I'll take a look again, but I'm so used to having all sweaters at one end, then all pants, then all shirts. As for t-shirts and folded things, yes, maybe this would be an improvement! But you never know: if they/you say it works, I'll try it. To be continued!

    1. Anonymous11/13/2013

      Hello Libby! You're on the right track. Absolutely sort by clothing category first, then color code within in that category. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions! Happy organizing! - Raelynn

  3. Beautiful job! Send them to Lexington, please. -- michele

    1. Anonymous11/13/2013

      Hi Michele! We're available for travel :) - Raelynn


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