Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blue & White Traditional Thanksgiving

Still looking for Thanksgiving table inspiration?

HE-LLOOO gorgeous....

James Farmer knocked my socks off with this traditional table for Southern Living. L-O-V-E the blue and white porcelain with gorgeous florals and pops of cranberry red. I think this works for any fall/winter celebration, including Christmas.

Check out the beautiful details:

photos by Hector Sanchez for Southern Living

Vintage silver, traditional Spode china mixed with blue and white porcelain, gorgeous linens on a plain wood table. The dimension and texture of this table are just breathtaking...could you imagine walking into this room to eat dinner? I wouldn't be able to focus on the food...and that's saying a lot.

And I adore the clever idea of having some kraft boxes on hand with some ribbon to send folks home with leftovers. Definitely better than my beat up tupperware that I lend out. You'd have a very Martha Stewart moment with your guests if you broke out wrapped packages at the end of the night.

Check out the photos at Southern Living...and there is even a fun video! Great to watch if you want to see more details...


  1. I ordered 250 plain white Chinese food containers (we have a lot of parties...) from a restaurant supply, at the end of every party I package up the leftovers, label what's inside and line them up for guests to take home. Super easy clean up. I can wash serving dishes and send them home clean with their owners along with some tasty treats.


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