Monday, November 4, 2013

Closet Woes

I told you the house tour was over, but I do have one more space to show you that recently got a facelift. From time to time, an email will hit my AO inbox that catches my eye. Such a thing happened a couple of months ago when I got a note from Raelynn Johnson of NEAT Method DC introducing herself and describing her new business venture in the DC area.

Raelynn and her business partner Catherine Zinn have a passion/obsession for organization. Closets, kitchens, offices, playrooms - you name it. They essentially show up at your house and help you get your sh*t together. As I read her email and checked out their website, I thought - I NEED THAT FOR MY CLOSET. Y'all, I may be good with the decorating but I'm about as messy as they come. Just ask Carter...actually, don't.

The closet in question (from my master bedroom):


So I've heard of professional organizers before, but something about Raelynn - the fact that she was a local gal, starting her business, and reaching out to me - made me want to actually do something about my closet woes this time.

So I invited Raelynn and Catherine to stop by my house and give my closet an assessment. Here are the stylish ladies (not in my house a swanky DC party):

 Raelynn on the left and Catherine on the right

After a tour of the house and my mess of a closet, Raelynn and Catherine diagnosed it as completely workable. I was a little worried they were going to tell me that I needed to put about half of my things in storage but they seemed pretty calm that by just rethinking the configuration, I could keep all of my clothes and accessories out and accessible.

Here's what they were working with:

Oh hey messy.

Can you identify with me? Tell me your closet is a mess too? Or are you like Raelynn and Catherine and totally organized to the core? Because I am not. Obvi.

Sooooo the NEAT Method ladies completely worked their magic on my closet...check back tomorrow for the organizational makeover!


  1. Rest assured you are not alone. Your closet doesn't even look that bad. In my case it is a whole room that I took over when my daughter moved out. It is so embarrassing. It's my ironing/filing/BBC Series watching room. I keep saying I will get to it but alas, I just iron one thing, close the door and do the Scarlett O'hara ----I'll think about it tomorrow routine!

  2. Can't wait to see the end result! I'm in need of their services, too. Sometimes when I go to see a client for personal styling, they think I'm going to organize their closet. I have some good tips, in theory, but I'm afraid they're writing a check to the wrong gal, if it's organization they want!


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