Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Velvet from IKEA

Apologies in advance if I'm one of many bloggers who post about this furniture. This one's going to make the rounds, but IT'S SO GOOD!

The new IKEA catalog dropped in my mailbox yesterday...a nice, thick catalog that only shows up maybe twice a year and reads more like a magazine than a catalog with product styled extraordinarily well. Now that's a big catalog worth getting.

But I digress...the new catalog introduces IKEA's latest iteration of its Stockholm collection...and there are VELVET covers in delicious colors. VELVET.

Just look at the Stockholm sofa in GREEN VELVET. Green. Velvet.

They have gone to a 3-cushion back and the legs, though still a bit MCM for me, are better. But forget that and look again at the GREEN VELVET.

And then, THEN, they have YELLOW VELVET in the new Stockholm swivel easy chair:

SWIVEL VELVET. It's just too much to take all at once.

I wouldn't hesitate for a second to pair said sofa with said chairs with all sorts of traditional burled-wood end tables, oil paintings and a kilim rug.

I think I need that sofa in my life. And two of the chairs. This is thrilling product, y'all.

Why are there no links you ask? IKEA has a bad habit of putting out catalogs with new items before they put these items up for availability online. Maybe they want folks in the stores first...who knows, but I did a long search on their website and these babies didn't come up.

But, check out the catalog by clicking here so you can see all the goodies in IKEA's new lineup! There are wing chairs!


  1. I got the catalog as well and generally I would just toss an Ikea catalog in the trash but that couch pulled me in too! I was thinking of going to the store to check out the quality in person (well, that and the Swedish meatballs pulled me in!)

  2. Just another reason I love IKEA!


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