Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jungle Jubilee and Macaroni

I have loved every fabric from the Lulu DK Child collection for Schumacher...adorable textiles in punchy, sweet colors. And I just came across a two-fabric combo that is just so good - Jungle Jubilee with Macaroni. (Love the names too...)

Imagine Jungle Jubilee on the front of a nursery armchair with piping and a contrast back done in Macaroni!

I'm crazy for the saturation of these colors - they are just gorgeous. And those animals are just the cutest and make a perfect pairing with the smaller geometrics in Macaroni. Oh my, what about a crib set in this? Like a skirt from Macaroni and bumper with Jungle Jubilee with a solid-colored crib sheet. Yup, that would be good.



  1. I like how they are gender neutral and, although juvenile, not necessarily baby. I like this combo as sheet, pillow case, sham, dust ruffle, and quilted duvet cover!

  2. I love this collection and have used "Parade", the elephant print!


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