Thursday, August 29, 2013

L'Indienne Fabric from Alessandra Branca

Funny how tastes change, right? I'll swear off a color or pattern or style deciding it's not for me...and then I see it done well and I jump on the party train. Am I fickle? Or just a lover of everything?

One thing I've never really been keen on is paisley. Not really my jam. But then I started seeing these gorgeous block-print type paisleys mixed with traditional furnishings and that was it - sign me up!

Alessandra Branca's new collection for Schumacher is fab, and my favorite is her take on this type of warm, rich paisley. It's called L'Indienne:

The differences in colorways are very subtle...the first is a little more pink than the last and the middle one incorporates blue. But they are all gorgeous, no? How about we use it as curtains in a wood-paneled study with a shiny oxblood leather Chesterfield sofa? Sounds good to me!

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