Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tom Scheerer is Smart

I paused and reflected on this image for a long time recently:

Photo by Francesco Lagnese, via House Beautiful

Mentally remove the couch and armchair and absorb the rest of the elements in the room. If you were the designer, what seating pieces would you recommend? I would think a white twill sofa paired with a cognac leather armchair would look great, right? They would MATCH.

But that's why I'm not a decorating genius (yet). But Tom Scheerer? He definitely is. He convinced his clients that upholstered seating in an exaggerated stripe in a French-ish floral with tones of pink and red would be the obvious way to go. With the rest of this room. Let that sink in for a second...

I would love to know how this process evolved. Maybe they weren't into it at first? Or maybe they are those dream clients that just know to put their trust in TS? 

Anyway, it's a fantastic lesson in thinking outside the box. The result is gorgeous in my book. And the upholstery just SINGS in this space. It doesn't adds a layer to a casual and a bit masculine space - doesn't make it at all frilly.

Speaking of an exaggerated French-ish floral stripe...the fabric reminded me of this fabric that I've blogged about - Brookside Stripe:

It would look killer on upholstery, à la Tom Scheerer.

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