Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Crush

This is riiidddiicccuuullloouuussssssssss. Has to be one of the most jaw-dropping vignettes I've ever seen. EVER. Ashley Whittaker Design is the genius behind this image. Tell me what you DON'T LOVE about this arrangement? The curtain fabric...the blush pink lamp...the diamond lampshade...the flowers...the teeny weeny Chinoiserie vase...the gold-framed sketch...the blue+pink color scheme. THE WALLPAPER.

Images like this make me happy to be alive. 

Many thanks to Jamie's pinning prowess...I repinned this gem from her and hunted it down to AWD's Facebook page. I love the internets.

So, what's on tap for your weekend? Anything good? We'll have a packed Sunday with my nephew's baptism and big C's first Father's Day. Hope you have a lovely weekend...see you next week!


  1. Jennifer Dengel6/14/2013

    I would agree with your sentiment. What a pleasure and how refreshing to look at something so thoughtful and pretty...

  2. I really love that lamp! Such a pretty shade of pink. I'm trying to figure out how I can add pink to my blue with black accents living room without it looking all crazy town. If only I could find the perfect rug with a mallard blue, black, pink, and white to pull it all together. Oh yeah this mythical rug needs to be big (9x12) and cheap. I'll keep dreaming!

  3. Anonymous6/17/2013

    What is the curtain fabric?

  4. Any ideas for my husbands side? It is out of control :-) Usually all over the floor

  5. I love a neat Zen kind of bedside table, but my husband is overly practical and it doesn't look at all attractive.


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