Monday, June 24, 2013

Follow this Board: Colorful Art

I have a friend named Kristen. Our husbands work together and we have loads in common - for starters we are the creative yin to our husbands' logical yang. Kristen has long worked at a Lily Pulitzer signature shop...this should give you a sense of her aesthetic. She also has an adorable baby, William.

Now, William is clearly the showstopper in this photo...but see the ART? Kristen has such a knack for artwork. Her home is full of gorgeous pieces and I have long followed her Colorful Art Pinterest board, and I thought you might want to as well.

Some of her pins:

A glimpse at her full board, chock full of inspiration:

You might want to tune into this one if colorful, modern art is your thing!


  1. Love this board. Thanks for the tip. The second painting featured is actually mine:) Gummy Bear by Christina Baker.


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