Thursday, January 24, 2013

Melissa Rufty Toile Bathroom

So this gem is not new, but it was new to me when I came across this stunning bathroom by Melissa Rufty in January's Southern Living...

Photo by Laurey W. Glenn, Styling by Matthew Gleason, via Southern Living

I'm going to assume that it's the companion to this bedroom that uses the same tangerine + pink color combo pulled from that Manuel Canovas lovely. The pink cabinetry really works here...a neutral color would not have given the same impact. The risk paid off! And the floor tile is such a great detail. But of course my favorite detail is the monogrammed towels.

This effect of impactful wallpaper and colored cabinetry would work great in a small powder room, don't you think? Wish I had one to try it out on.


  1. What a fabulous, stunning bathroom! Love those colors. Yes, I love the oversized, or dramatic, in a small room!

  2. Anonymous1/24/2013

    It works !

  3. Now that takes courage. Love it!

  4. Hi, I think this has worked really well and agree with you that neutral cabinets would have been too much of a stark contrast making it feel disjointed, whereas the pink compliments the walls perfectly and makes this a gorgeous room. Well worth taking the risk and adding a bold coloured statement piece of furniture.

  5. Oh, be still my heart! Just great.

  6. Hi,

    I'm crazy for this wonderful, colorful bathroom and have pinned it here:

    Cheers :+)


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