Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kelly Wilson Monogrammed Antique China

Standing in the supermarket checkout line, I came across Kelly Wilson Antiques in a magazine. This savvy Texan lady has created a line of monogrammed china that brands your favorite initial on a beautiful antique piece of tableware. It's brilliant. It's the Leontine Linens of the china world.

I always come across lonesome plates whose pattern I love, but as a single plate, I don't really see the purpose of purchasing. But Kelly has adopted these loner pieces and given them new love with a GORGEOUS letter...instant personalized keepsakes. These plates make great heirloom baby or wedding gifts.

Kelly's site offers plates that are already monogrammed or you can pick the blank plate first and then get a custom letter done. I bet if you had a treasured plate in your home you could also ship it off to her and she'd work it out.

Check out Kelly's site here...


  1. This is fantastic! I love them all. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Super clever and a great example of upcycling! Thanks!

  3. So pretty! My SIL found a pink monogrammed tea service in her daughter's initials at an estate sale. So gorgeous.

  4. What a great idea!!

  5. Holy cow these are awesome, I NEED one! Or maybe I can get one for my friends who have just had little girls :)


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