Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Warrior

As the old TV antennae came tumbling toward Carter, only to halt unexpectedly...

Me: Are you okay?!?!
Carter: Yeah...yeah, I'm fine.
Me: Are you okay enough to hold that pose so I can go get the camera?
Carter: Sure.

My husband, the weekend warrior, tasked himself with removing the [insanely ugly] TV antennae protruding from our roof on Saturday. I'll have to hand it to him - it took guts. We rented a 32 foot ladder and Carter climbed up [even though he is not keen on heights] and handled it. 

We deliberated long and hard on how exactly to maneuver the removal with my suggestion being just to throw it and pray it causes minimal damage to the surrounding structures. We actually got lucky in that the antennae bent in that crazy position [it used to stick straight up, above the chimney] and halted, wedging Carter between its spikes and the ladder. But, this allowed it to fall halfway so by the time Carter fully loosened it, it didn't have quite as far to fall and we only sacrificed a small chunk of our fence [and not, say, our neighbor's house].

I promise that Carter was in no imminent danger - the spikes weren't as crazy dangerous as they look [at least from my vantage point; Carter might disagree]. But it did make for a good photo opp to document my husband's never-ending devotion to this house. 


  1. Anonymous10/04/2010

    My husband did the same thing to our townhouse! It was a close call for him as well as one of our windows. :) Are you replacing it with a smaller one? I did a post about it here - we were able to pull in free HD for the major networks and cancelled cable.

  2. Jon and a friend did this a few months back... our antenna was so MASSIVE (we seriously could not figure out what it was ever used for, it looked like it was calling to aliens on another planet) that they had to SAW it into several pieces before tossing it off the roof into the back yard... and then had to saw it into even smaller bits to get it ready to be hauled away... crazy.


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