Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Crush

Image by Justin Officer via Design*Sponge

Holy color, this image is AMAZING. Did you catch it on Design*Sponge? The home of  Kate Schintzius. I'm trying to have words for this picture, but I don't. Why do I love color so much? That chair has me reeling. And how it plays nicely with the art. And the paint contrasted with the curtains. And the chandy. Done and done.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!! See you Monday!


  1. Anonymous10/29/2010

    i posted this home tour on wednesday..its just bananas. soo jealy!

  2. The colors are amazing! That paint!

    I was so sorry not to get to get to talk the other night at Tabard, you were leaving just after I came in, but hopefully soon. I love your blog, and am so happy to finally be able to pronounce it :)

  3. Amazing room indeed! Love the color of the wall, goes perfectly with the curtains...Not to say that chandy!!!
    So happy to have found you!

  4. I agree, lots going on but it works.

  5. Anonymous11/14/2010

    Goodness. I am reeling from that color and am suddenly not regretting my purchase of a peachish pink velvet Dunbar sofa.


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