Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This Chinoiserie chair at HomeGoods last night.

Certainly caught my eye. Someone please name that fabric. I feel like I just saw it on a blog recently...anyone? It looks familiar and I definitely love it. Wouldn't this look fantastic in a lavender bedroom?

At first I thought $499 was a bit steep, but then I figured that if I found a cheap wingback on Craigslist, bought 7-8 yards of fabric and then paid for reupholstery...well, this chair is a good deal. Unless of course you can reupholster yourself and you find some great inexpensive fabric.

I need to learn the art of upholstery. The sky would be the limit with that skill.

p.s. For locals, the chair was at the Kingstowne location


  1. I saw a post recently on a designer showhouse, but can't recall which one. Anyway, one of the rooms featured a wallpaper very reminiscent of this pattern.
    Guess I'm not much help, but the chair sure is fun!

  2. Gorgeous! I used to live in Kingstowne a few blocks away from that Homegoods in my single days!

  3. Oh my lordy, this chair is fancy. Going to stalk my Homegoods today to see if might possibly be there too. Great find!

  4. yummy, that is a really fun chair!

  5. Great chair! I almost bought a set of wingbacks to reupholster a few days ago but figure by the time it was done, I would be out a lot of dollars- they just take so darn much fabric and the upholstery cost/chair is approx. $500- must learn the art of upholstering- although that skill would surely lead to way to much chair purchasing:)


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