Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Well, hello. It has been an eventful month.

The movers did come on November 29th...and we welcomed baby boy on November 30th.

Meet Carter Leo Shuffler...he's going by Leo, because why go by your first name when you can go by your middle?

He is a delicious dream. Chill and sweet and making the move much more bearable.

But the move has been exhausting. Unpacking is no joke. We are going on week 3 and only now feeling like we've made a dent. But we're making progress.

I've said it to friends and family, but the sheer chaos of it all has made it easier. I don't have time to think or second guess or fret over change. We've just had to move forward and embrace all the newness. Though let's be clear that it's only been easier for me and Carter...the older kids are losing their minds on a daily basis. They are craving some normalcy, and I don't blame them. We'll get there too.

In decorating news, I'm contemplating cafe-ish length curtains for Leo's nursery. Surprising.

I hope you are enjoying this lovely time of year...I'll be back with another update soon. xo


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