Friday, November 17, 2017


We are officially moving.

Deals are done. Papers are signed. Moving trucks will be here in less than two weeks.

Now we face the task of saying our long goodbye to our current house...among moving boxes, energetic children, and walls thick with memories.

We bought a brand new adventure...a house that needs imagination. Fortunately we have lots of that to look past the peach carpet, wallpapered kitchen (see wallpaper above), and "quirks" that, over time, will become our own.

The task of bringing another house back to life - this time with three children in tow - is vastly overwhelming. And yet I would have it no other way. Right now my main goal is to put my patience pants on, because this is going to be a project. A long project with no foreseeable deadline - we'll just be taking things as they come and budget allows.

Baby boy has not made his debut. My due date is less than two weeks away (please reference moving truck timeline above) so hopefully we are talking any day now. Fingers crossed.

Will pop in with an update as soon as I have a good one. Hope you've been doing well.


  1. Peggy Crockett11/17/2017

    Good Luck with the move- take it easy and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Best of luck on the move and the new bambino!
    You can do anything....just not everything!

  3. Best of luck! Congratulations on all fronts...

  4. This is a great new adventure. We are truly happy when there's a decorating project, so this should be fodder for years to come! Looking forward to living vicariously through the projects and seeing what your imagination brings to life.


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