Thursday, October 26, 2017

Color Palette

Photo by Francesco Lagnese; Design by LeeAnn Thornton

This. This is the color palette I cannot get out of my head. Green + Blue + Lavender. And I would add a teeny touch of ruby red. It's been swirling in my head for our living room and/or our bedroom.

And this execution (spotted on HB's Insta) caught my attention. The lamp shades on the floor lamps, blue and white porcelain stools, and lavender pillows are my favorite details. And I love the depth created by the wallpapered bay window.

I already know finding the right living room rug is going to cause me anxiety so I like this reminder that natural fiber is always an option. Perhaps layered with something smaller that grabs attention.

Y'all, this world of inspiration photos and a clean slate and not knowing which direction I'll take all feels very thrilling. 

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