Thursday, March 9, 2017

Alice in Wonderland Fabric from Rifle Paper Co.

I was unaware that the creative powerhouse - Rifle Paper Co. - has a (limited) fabric line. If you are a lover of the company's signature florals, you can own them in textile fashion.

And if you happen to be a lover of their signature florals AND Alice in Wonderland, well, you are in luck:

How precious is this fabric? That parade with the lobster and turtle might be my favorite. And this is just a teensy sampling...many more patterns to be found here.

Most of the line is comprised of cotton, meaning that you can get some pillows out of it...possibly some lightweight curtains if you beef up with a liner. If you are looking to cover your favorite chair in an Alice print, your selection is limited to just a couple of heavier weight options...though the adorable signature print (first one pictured) is available.

If you happen to be a seamstress of clothes, you should go ham on the previously mentioned cotton if you have any children in your life.

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