Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sweet Bow Bathroom

Let's tumble down the internet rabbit hole.

The talented Sally Roche (née Steponkus), pinned this sweet bathroom:

Designed by Andrew Howard - son of Phoebe Howard - and featured in House Beautiful and the blog House of Turquoise.  So many favorites there.

This sweet space immediately made me remember a Baker fabric I blogged about long ago...

And though it's a fabric, not wallpaper, let's forget that for this exercise...wouldn't the same concept for the space above look incredibly lovely for a little boy using these bow ties? A bold red vanity...swap out the sconces for something more angular...use a masculine monogram.

I just loved the thought of it all as I internet tumbled.

Sidenote: Looks like that adorable fabric is maybe discontinued? This colorway is available at the original source.


  1. I love his work. I'm from Jacksonville and he's decorated a lot of beautiful homes there in dreamy blue palettes. I'm always excited to see him featured in Coastal Living.

  2. The western bathroom decor is in fact very popular and involves adding scenery as well as settings depicting the Wild West and which includes accessories that were used by cowboys as well as cowgirls from times gone by. Jessica


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