Friday, January 6, 2017

Caspari Christmas Ballet

Humor me.

I know Christmas is LONG gone but I never showed you my Christmas table. And I loved it so much that it made me sad to put it away without showing you. So here it is.

You know Caspari is my fave and they debuted this Christmas Ballet collection this year...and I had to have it:

The Nutcracker Ballet depicted in a napkin full of hot pink, red, blue and green. Be still my heart.

I paired it with my wedding china, Derby Panel Green by Royal Crown Derby:

I also used my wedding crystal for wine and light pink glass tumblers from IKEA for water.

Paper napkins served as a table runner as well as coasters. 

Hot pink poinsettias took center stage inside small glass vases (Tip: Did you know you should "sear" the stems of cut poinsettias with a lighter/flame in arrangements? My cut stems are still going strong weeks later). 

Various crystal candlesticks with Caspari taper candles in shades of red, hot pink, and light pink provided ambience.

Everything perched atop a red tablecloth (also Caspari, obvi) that is wonderful for fancy dinners because it feels more like fabric than paper.

And then, we had the Christmas mice:

I made a little trip to IKEA where I picked up a dozen mice for 99 cents each, followed by a trip to the craft store for some pink tulle for the ballerinas and some felt for the gentlemice.

After a relatively short crafting session where I just eyeballed everything and went to town with a hot glue gun, I had a small army of Christmas mice to adorn the table. The perfect finishing touch to each setting and the kids loved them.

And that's a wrap on Christmas. Thanks for playing.

Have a great weekend...see you next week!


  1. Enchanting! Thank you for sharing your beautiful Christmas table with us, Daniela! Best wishes for a very happy 2017.

  2. Love this so much I'm printing it out as inspiration for next year's Christmas table. Thank you for sharing!

  3. So sweet! And I have a weakness for Christmas mice!!!

  4. Daniela you are soo creative! I love what you did, and I adore the pink over red. Never thought of using napkins as a table runner -- I will definitely steal that idea! One other thing that my mom does for her table is blacken the wicks of the candles. She learned this while working in the Johnson White House. Such a tiny gesture, but for some reason it makes the whole table look more complete, not sure why. I hope to see you in 2017! -- Jen

  5. What a great tablescape. I love the mix of high and low. The mice are the cutest.


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