Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Art of Carson Price

I am so pumped to share some hometown love for Richmond, Virginia-based artist, Carson Price.  Your eyes will bug out when you view her sensational works of art - playful color, texture, abstracts, landscapes - often of's all just very, very good.

^^ I really, really want this one ^^

That last one there is my sister-in-law Joanna's dining room in Richmond, designed by Lesley Glotzl. The scale and juxtaposition of those black and white pieces by Carson are dynamite in this space. And though I'm drawn to Carson's use of bold color, she does some phenomenal neutral nudes and contemporary pieces like these for Jo. You really need to look at her website.

Speaking of her website, Carson and her team write a great blog...and recently did a fab primer on creating a layered, inviting outdoor space. This is the perfect time of year to entertain in this type of space if you are lucky enough to have one. Read the post for some tips and then click around to see more of her art.

And that's Carson ^. She is foxy. And talented. Double whammy.


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