Thursday, October 27, 2016

Catalog Pick: Brass Sconce Under $120

Brass sconces of the swing-arm variety have become a design darling, and with good reason. I feel like we are always on the hunt for good ones, yes?

I just came across one that is on point. Especially the price point. Because it's really attractive and under $120. The Adjustable Arm 1-Light Wall Sconce from Shades of Light in Warm Brass:

Now, that is a good-looking light. It looks way more expensive than $118. Usually when you hover around $100, these lights don't look quite so chic so you tend to pass on them (at least I do). But I think this one has the design factor and a great price tag.

If you need some visual reminders about the power of this fixture:

The scale of the fixtures in that iconic bathroom above is not the same scale as these I'm showing you...but you get the idea. Brass sconces are good.

1 comment:

  1. The light placement in that last picture renders them awkward and useless for bathroom task lighting.


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